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gdomap problem

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: gdomap problem
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 15:55:44 +0200 (MEST)

One more problem...

  chuck:root :0> gdomap -N                                                  
  No names currently registered with gdomap
  chuck:root :0> gdomap -L GNUstepGSPasteboardServer                        
  Unable to find GNUstepGSPasteboardServer.
  chuck:root :0> gdomap -L GDNCServer                                       
  Unable to find GDNCServer.

Well, yes, gdomap did tell me that no names are registered, however, gdnc
and gpbs ARE running:

  chuck:root :0> ps -faux | grep System                                     

  nobody 50334  0.0  0.6  4048  1548  ??  Ss    3:50PM   0:00.01
/System/Tools/gdomap -a /usr/local/etc/gdomap_if -I /var/run/gdomap.pid
  cbv    50340  0.0  1.8  7992  4496  p1  S     3:50PM   0:00.06
/System/Tools/gdnc --daemon
  cbv    50342  0.0  3.9 16384  9872  p1  S     3:50PM   0:00.14
/System/Tools/gpbs --daemon
  root   50336  0.0  1.8  7976  4472  p2  S     3:50PM   0:00.06
/System/Tools/gdnc --daemon
  root   50338  0.0  3.8 16404  9712  p2  I     3:50PM   0:00.14
/System/Tools/gpbs --daemon

  chuck:root :0> cat /usr/local/etc/gdomap_if                               

Running gdomap in debugging mode tells nothing except that it did accept a
connection from my IP when I try to list all names (gdomap -N) or try to
fire up gdnc/gpbs by hand.

And no, I do not get a message that the pasteboard server needs to get
started, when I try to launch an application.

System, as usual, is FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE.


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