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Emacs on Aqua version 8.0 released

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Emacs on Aqua version 8.0 released
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 10:30:43 -0400

Hi all,

After a long series of pre- and rc- releases, I've released emacs-on- aqua version 8.0.


In spite of the name, this port of GNU Emacs 20.7 runs on GNUstep (as well as OS X).

It is based on version 20.7, which is about twice the age of the current 21.3/21.4 release. This means a much smaller, leaner emacs that still works well for many things, but one with more limited graphical and i18n capabilities and which some lisp packages are starting to become incompatible with. Due to these limitations, this will be the final major release of Emacs-on-Aqua, and efforts are shifting to update the port to current GNU Emacs CVS. (See http:// emacs-app.sf.net/)

The goal of emacs-on-aqua (and the upcoming Emacs.app) is to deliver the best possible emacs user experience on an OpenStep system. From a user perspective, compared with a vanilla X11 emacs-21 distribution, you'll notice:

- You have antialiased text, services, file dialogs, and a preferences panel. - Color and font panels are available (but fontsets are not implemented).
- UTF-8 and Mac-Roman encodings have limited support.
- "Dead key" accent entry has limited support.
- LEIM is bundled.
- A version of tramp that works with 20.7 is bundled.
- A good Objective-C mode is bundled.
- Ispell is bundled on the Mac version.

GNUstep usage details:

- ART backend is recommended. Non-latin display currently fails under xlib. - If you have libfreetype >= 2.1.8, you need GNUstep CVS or 0.13 once that comes out. - Rendering speed is now quite good (compared to earlier E-o-A releases), especially
  under Art -- comparable or better than X version.

You must build from source by changing to the GNUstep subdir and running ./compile. Gnustep-make is not supported for various reasons. Therefore some hiccups may be run into when compiling or linking. It has been successfully built and run on Linux (Debian/ testing), FreeBSD, and NetBSD systems, but there could be problems even on these depending on library and path variations. I'm not going to work on this any more myself, but will integrate patches if people submit them to me.

The same goes for crashes, etc.. I'd appreciate the reports (especially if you use the bug tracker on sourceforge; please title the bug with something like "GNUstep:" to help keep things straight ;) and will integrate patches, but I'm going to be focusing on the emacs 22/23 port from now on.


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