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Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?
Date: 18 Sep 2005 11:16:12 GMT

Thom Cherryhomes <address@hidden> wrote:
> I want to second the fact that the handling of the web-site has been
> extremely sub par... With the webmasters being very much out of touch
> with the community..

I think I'm fairly in touch, although I'm not often in the IRC,
partly because of my work (but I think many other gnusteppers
are also not on IRC). I'd guess we all want the same thing: a
slick, easy-to-use website that has all the content we want.

I'm strongly against anything that will make the site worse in
the short term, no matter what its long-term promise, because
the short term has a habit of becoming medium and long term.
I'm very conscious that there aren't enough people maintaining
the site and we're all volunteers.

If you want to change the website direction, please publish
the research you claimed to be gathering in our last discussion
and let everyone contemplate it.

> MJ Ray's responses to Gregory's questions, are in
> my opinion, very unprofessional,and extremely brash...

Unprofessional? Well, I do this as an artisan and amateur, not as
a hired hand. I did find it frustrating that the first report is
to -discuss by the person who added one of the bugs. I'm human.

Even so, I don't consider the responses "extremely brash"
but we're probably from different backgrounds. I call a spade
a spade.

> If I were one of the GNUstep higher-ups, honestly, I would be
> extremely embarrassed at the whole situation.

Well, if I were you, I'd honestly be embarrassed about the
rudeness of the top-post and whole-quote, making the message
harder for all readers because one inconsiderate writer won't
spend the time to edit well.

I guess we have different tastes.


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