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Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 12:59:24 +1000

On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 10:27 +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Added as a direct link. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the changes.
> > I click on user guides, but not there again. [...]
> Mailing lists have been linked from there for at least 11 months.

Sorry, I overlooked this one. I guess I grew a little impatient trying
to find it. I usually don't vent frustrations such as these, but I must
admit, I agreed with the post.

> > [...] The news way of locating them is
> > error-prone, and we seriously risk losing people's attention who may or
> > may not be interested in the gnustep project.
> I know. That's why the site is being restructured, but it's evolution
> not revolution. Every so often, someone posts grand ideas to discuss,
> which usually ignores some practicality, so has little effect
> eventually. Meanwhile, webmasters-gnustep keep plodding on in our
> spare time, slowly fixing and improving things. Sorry if it takes
> too long for you. More _help_ welcome, in my opinion.

No, I wasn't complaining that it's taking too long (I hope I didn't
imply that, as I didn't mean to). I can empathise with this point; I'm
trying to find some spare time around university work to rewrite some
code that makes the backend run on windows using GDI+ instead of GDI.

At the moment, I looking at ways to package up the directory structure
on Windows, with the libs precompiled so that it's easier to deploy
(sort of like Mono). One of the main problems is trying to fix little
application bugs that don't appear on Linux (it's currently
retain/release bugs). GNUstep is quite complex, and some time is needed
to fix certain "issues" so functionality is correct. I'm using a
workaround at the moment with great success (I posted a potential
solution to gnustep-bugs, but I haven't had any comment on it).


Christopher Armstrong <quineska AT__ gamebox doT net>

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