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TeXniscope & GNUstep

From: Massimiliano Gubinelli
Subject: TeXniscope & GNUstep
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 12:04:28 +0200

this is a message to GNUstep developers interested in writing a DVI/ PDF viewer for GNUstep.

I developed an open source DVI/PDF viewer for MacOSX (http:// www.ing.unipi.it/~d9615/homepage/texniscope.html). My primary interest was on a tool to be used toghether with an editor (Emacs) to work with TeX. So the viewer has forward & backward search capabilities. More interestigly I'm developing a native DVI driver for TeXniscope (currently DVI are transfomed in PDF and then displayed).

I estimate that it would not be difficult to port the code to GNUstep (once a PDF library is available) and in the lastest version I took care to isolate as far as possible the MacOSX dependent parts from the GNUstep compatible code (with amount essentially in some AppleScript code and the PDF reading & rendering routines). In particular the DVI rendered can use directly freetype without the need of the Apple library to set the fonts. However note that the DVI renderer is still under development (although is already partially working).

I saw that some work for a PDF viewer is going on on the Vindaloo/ PopplerKit project so maybe those people (or others) would be interested in TeXniscope.

Those who are interested in porting TeXniscope to GNUstep can contact me at address@hidden


Massimiliano Gubinelli

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