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gnustep status and new ports (zaurus?

From: chuckr
Subject: gnustep status and new ports (zaurus?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:33:03 +0000

I recently saw your website.  I can't tell from reading it, because it looks 
like someone has deleted all references to years in the dates; is the 
development still going on?

I am considering that GNUstep might be a good platform for a programmer, 
especially one running a smallish environment like the SL-C3000, with it's 4G 
hard disk and native (not cross) compiling atmosphere.

Beyond trying to determine if  the project is still active, when I began 
compiling it on the Zaurus, it failed in ffcall.  It appears to have an 
embryonic "arm" port ... which is even less useful than (say) giving Intel as a 
CPU instead of "Pentium-4" or something in that vein.  I have a config.sub that 
works fine for "zaurus-unknown-OpenBSD3.7" (it compiles gnome fine).  I would 
like to try porting ffcall or the zaurus SL-C3000, but to do this, I need to 
have some notion what, precisely, ffcall is really doing.  Any test progs, say 
something that works today on a stable platform like Intel with either FreeBSD 
or Linux would really be of great help.

My email is a bit unstable, while I fix a problem with my main mail server, so 
sending it off to address@hidden is a good idea, until mail.chuckr.org is back 

Thanks for letting me bore you.  I'd sure love to see a discussion on an IRC 
channel for something like this.

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