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Re: Questions about Fswatcher for Linux kernel 2.6.x

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: Re: Questions about Fswatcher for Linux kernel 2.6.x
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 17:52:37 -0400

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:49:17 +0300
Enrico Sersale <address@hidden> wrote:

> First I want to say that GWorkspace doesn't need these
> system-specific versions of fswatcher; they are simply faster but
> don't add anything new from the GWorkspace point of view. The new
> features are useful only for mdextractor, a new daemon that extracts
> and keep updated words contents and other metadata attributes from
> your files (something like Apple Spotlight, to understand).

Yes I know, Spotlight/Beagle like searches is exactly what I want. 

> If you want to try it (even if this is only work in progress), you
> must install the gmds and mdextractor daemons that are in Tools/gmds
> and the SystemPreferences module that is in
> Preferences/Indexing. For the moment there is not a client because
> the client will substitute the actual Finder and I can't do this if
> I don't find a reliable solution for linux 2.6.x.

Yes, I have done that, I just didn't ralize that one have to start
mdextracter too.
> I have:
> -a exit,always -S open
> -a exit,always -S creat
> -a exit,always -S mkdir
> -a exit,always -S rmdir
> -a exit,always -S unlink
> -a exit,always -S rename

Thanks for the tip.
> > (2) The log files generated by auditd is only readable by root- I
> >     can't seem to find an option for log file permissions. I manage
> > to get it working for a while after changing the permission of the
> >     log file, however fswatcher dies when the log gets rotated.
> For the moment you should run it suid root.

I could not get it working with suid root for both auditd and
fswatcher. However, I manage to solve the permissiion problem by using
> And this is not necessairly a resource-intensive process; it is the
> linux kernel and/or the auditd daemon that don't work reliably; if
> you try the fswatcher version for darwin-8 (that reads from
> /dev/fsevents as spotlight does), you will see that your system is
> not slowed at all.

I realize that, that is why I said auditd is slow.

Now off to test out your new testing client.


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