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Re: NSTableView progress

From: Matt Rice
Subject: Re: NSTableView progress
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 23:54:15 -0700 (PDT)

--- Andreas H�schler <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello,
> has anybody worked on NSTableView recently? There
> are a few issues with 
> regard to resizing table columns and scrolling
> horizontally that drive 
> me crazy. I am volunteering to work on this but if
> anybody else is just 
> in the process...
> Regards,
>    Andreas

i do have a few outstanding patches i haven't had the
balls to commit yet, though probably should as they've
been tested fairly well... 
but no not recently working on it

so don't let me stop you from working on it
though if you don't mind waiting, i'll expedite the

i just recall a few things i still have patches for 

a) on finished editing a cell with 'enter' begin
editing the cell in the next row in the column.

b) drag and drop to a table view with no rows, rather
large change... if the table view is smaller than the
scroll views document visible rect table view is that
size instead..

c) large mouseDown: changes which can be found in this


d) editColumn:row:withEvent:select should throw an
exception if the row is not selected
and misc places where its called internally should
select the row..

setVerticalMotionCanBeginDrag: has been driving me
batty, so i've had intent to work on that but haven't

anyhow when we moved to svn i was thinking about
working on this stuff in a branch or wherever
appropriate, just haven't gotten around to it yet

i'll try and get the existing patches out here tonight

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