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NSScrollView bug

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: NSScrollView bug
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:55:50 +0200

Hello all,

we just worked around a very annoying bug somewhere in the NSScrollView-NSSplitView-NSTableView code, that caused a bad effect when scrolling the table view with the horizonatl scroller to the right margin, but just change the order of the staements

               [scrollView setDocumentView:textView];
[scrollView setHasHorizontalScroller:([self boolValueForAttribute:@"hasHorizontalScroller"] == 0 ? NO : YES)]; [scrollView setHasVerticalScroller:([self boolValueForAttribute:@"hasVerticalScroller"] == 0 ? NO : YES)];

On GNUstep you must first set the documentVie wan dthen the scrollers. If you set the scrollers first you get crap. Since this problem can be easly worked around I am not motivated enough right now to find the piece of code that causes the problem but it has to do with the frame of the headerView (documentView of on splitView) and the frame of the tableView (documentView of anotehr splitView). The x-coordinates are not the same when a vertical scroller exists. This causes the problem (scrolling is constrained at the right margin). If anybody has a clue and knows where to fix this go ahead. We are happy for now that we have found a work around.




PS: I don't know what the OPENSTEP spec says about it, but we found it very handy to have the following implementation of sizeLastColumnToFit in NSTableView.m.

- (void)sizeLastColumnToFit
   if ((_super_view != nil) && (_numberOfColumns > 0))
      float excess_width;
      NSTableColumn *lastColumn = nil;
      int i;

      excess_width = NSMaxX ([self convertRect: [_super_view bounds]
                                      fromView: _super_view]);
      excess_width -= NSMaxX (_bounds);

      _tilingDisabled = YES;
      for (i = _numberOfColumns - 1 ; i >= 0 ; i--)
         NSTableColumn *column = [_tableColumns objectAtIndex:i];
         if ([column isResizable])
            float column_width = [column width];
float contrib = MIN([column maxWidth] - [column width], excess_width);
            column_width += contrib;
            [column setWidth:column_width];
            excess_width -= contrib;
         if (excess_width <= 0.0) break;
      _tilingDisabled = NO;
      [self tile];

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