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Zombie tracking....

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: Zombie tracking....
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 14:21:01 +1000

I need to know not only if an object is deallocated twice (with zombies) but, also, when a zombie object is used inapproprietely. I cannot even start my application with GDB (which is a .NET application), let alone debug it. Problem is the ObjectiveC part of my application is opaque to VisualStudion.NET debugger.

What I would like to do is write a DebugObject which will poseAs: NSObject and when it is deallocated replace all its instance method pointer by an IMP of my making (which would, basicall, trace illegal call).

Any hint on how I could do that.
Constructing a fake isa pointer being a bit difficult I wonder if someone could provide me some example doing just that. Ideally I neek this fake isa pointer to feature the same instance method pointer as the original, except they would all point to a method of my own making.

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