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StackTrace problem

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: StackTrace problem
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 16:39:57 +1000

Wim Oudshoorn & Chris Vetter both provide nice solution.
However I have problem with both.

Wim method, while working in a test program, fail to bring any information when I hacked lib foundation so that NSZombie log the error stack.
I ended up with stack like
0 (nil) (nil)
1 (nil) (nil)
2 (nil) (nil)

And Chris Vetter method doesn't compile with GNUstep.
It uses functions defined in objc/class.h which is missing in GNUstep.

In both case that didn't work.

Anyway I have uncovered a bug in GNUstep and I give up trying to solve it but I can explain it too you. This bug show in "some circumstances", on WIndows, when it's a first install of GNUstep, that is: when there is no user default file yet saved on the disk.
To reproduce the bug I delete the Application Data\Gnustep directory.
I have a simple command line ObjectiveC program which deosn't bug!
I have a complex .NET application using my ObjectiveC.NET binding which crahs all the time when the aplpication get first idle (when I'm running something like my 3rd event loop).

When I do [theAutoreleasepool release]
plenty of things happend and eventually the variable
static NSFont *placeHolder = nil;

in NSFont.m: 188
get deallocated twice..... (while it should not be deallocated at all, obviously...)

That happend only when I have no initial NSUserDefault file.

I have no idea why.
The stacktrace would sure have helped me abit.
Now I have a work around, I retain it a few times when it is created... (another NSFont hack) But I would like to solve it, so that a SVN update doens't dismiss my hack......

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