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[Q] ProjectCenter & Gorm running on Windows with MinGW?

From: JongAm Park
Subject: [Q] ProjectCenter & Gorm running on Windows with MinGW?
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 03:42:49 GMT
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Hello. I downloaded the MinGW version of GNUStep binary, and compiled
the ProjectCenter.
It was compiled successfully. However there is no "open" command, so i
couldn't launch the ProjectCenter.
Do I need to compiled the GWorkSpace to use the GNUStep programs, like
the ProjectCenter and the Gorm?

Should I use a X-Window for using the GNUStep GUI programs?

If it works very OK on Windows without the cygwin ( you know.. the
cygwin has some problems on a machine where I log in as a domain user.
), it would be very nice. And.. it can make a windows machine a very
practical MacOS X machine! I like the elegance of the Objective-C and
the Cocoa framework. I also want to test some of idea about programs I
work with on my iMac when I am out of my home.

Thank you.

JongAm Park

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