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Re: Start GNUstep.sh as early as possible in Xwindow session

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: Start GNUstep.sh as early as possible in Xwindow session
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 22:33:58 -0700

On 4/17/06, Christopher Armstrong <address@hidden> wrote:
> I've been messing alot with .xsession and .xinitrc lately, and from what
> I can work out these are executed depending on how you use X (please
> check manuals before relying on this information, as I may be wrong).
> .xinitrc is supposed to be called when you start X from a terminal with
> the "xinit" command, so it's likely to be ignored by a session manager.
> .xsessionrc is supposed to be used by your session manager (xdm, gdm,
> kdm or wdm). I believe xdm uses this file in preference to the
> system-wide ones (/etc) if it exists. gdm, etc. have specific behaviour
> i.e. whether you set the session when you login or tell it to use your
> "default" session (.xsessionrc). They may even override it if you change
> your "default" session (I'm not sure though), which could be your
> .xsessionrc.
> The man pages on xsession and xinit are interesting in this regard, and
> I recommend looking at them (inc. those for gdm/kdm/xdm).

After some investigation,
I figure out there is another problem of saving GNUstep applictaion in session.
I may be wrong, but based on my observation,
gnome-session save GNUstep application as unix command,
ex. GNUstep/Local/Applications/AnApp.app/AnApp.
Next time, it tries to start the application based on this command and
will fail.
By changing the saved command into 'openapp AnApp.app' will solve the problem.
I guess GNUstep application just don't support Xwindow session yet.


> Regards
> Chris
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