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Re: Window Maker weirdness

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: Re: Window Maker weirdness
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 21:43:59 +0200

On 2006-05-03 21:35:38 +0200 Andreas Höschler <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have developed an app that behaves correctly when started with openapp from 
> a terminal. However, if I drag the icon onto the dock in Window Maker, quit 
> the app and start it by doubleclicking the icon in the dock it behaves 
> wrongly. Any idea what could be the problem here? I guess the problem is 

Define wrongly...

> related to [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openFile:path] (not working), 
> however I have no idea how to track this down. Where is the NSLog ouput going 
> to when an application is started by doubleclicking a Window Maker dock item?

That depends on how your X session was started. If you run 'startx' from a 
console, every output of NSLog would go there, so you'll have to CTRL-ALT-Fx to 
the appropriate console. Alternatively, if you start through XDM everything 
should be visible in the console window instead.

Hope that helps.


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