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RE: [Q] '_OBJC_INSTANCE_0' defined but not used

From: Vaisburd, Haim
Subject: RE: [Q] '_OBJC_INSTANCE_0' defined but not used
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 16:03:24 -0700

From: Quentin Mathé [mailto:address@hidden 

> Le 4 mai 06 à 23:09, Vaisburd, Haim a écrit :

> > GSCategories.m:50: warning: '_OBJC_INSTANCE_0' defined but not used 
> > [...]

> I don't know but I encountered the same issue when compiling -base on Mac OS 
> X 10.4.6 with FSF GCC 4.1.

Andrew Pinksi said this is a gcc bug and asked to submit a bug report which I 
just did.


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