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NSComboBoxCell bug

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: NSComboBoxCell bug
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 12:54:39 +0200

Hello all,

I have just discovered a bug in NSComboBoxCell. Popping up the combo box and selecting an item leads to the following stack trace (when setCompletes: is set to yes):

#0  -[NSComboBoxCell completedString:] (self=0x8956bd0, _cmd=0xfee93360,
substring=0x925f4e0) at NSComboBoxCell.m:1383
#1  0xfeccfbcc in -[NSComboBoxCell textDidChange:] (self=0x8956bd0,
_cmd=0xfee93310, notification=0xfee93360)
    at NSComboBoxCell.m:1827
#2  0xfe515bef in -[NSNotificationCenter _postAndRelease:]
(self=0x80f1c88, _cmd=0xfe6e8120, notification=0x8195ee0)
    at NSNotificationCenter.m:1070
#3  0xfe515e9f in -[NSNotificationCenter
postNotificationName:object:userInfo:] (self=0x80f1c88, _cmd=0xfe6e8128,
    object=0x936e208, info=0x0) at NSNotificationCenter.m:1138
#4  0xfe515dbf in -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:]
(self=0x80f1c88, _cmd=0xfeec80f8, name=0xfeec4048,
    object=0x936e208) at NSNotificationCenter.m:1118
#5  0xfedc6b7b in -[NSTextView didChangeText] (self=0x936e208,
_cmd=0xfee930b8) at NSTextView.m:2218
#6  0xfeccd1bc in -[GSComboWindow validateSelection] (self=0x920a0e0,
_cmd=0xfee92fd8) at NSComboBoxCell.m:725
#7  0xfecccbb0 in -[GSComboWindow clickItem:] (self=0x920a0e0,
_cmd=0xfee92dc0, sender=0x8f99da0) at NSComboBoxCell.m:603
#8  0xfe5cdd63 in L10 () from

completedString: should not be called when the user selects an item from the combo table view. It should only be called when the user enters text. Where do we fix that? I am sure I could find a hook somewhere, but if anyone knows this code better and finds the right line earlier...



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