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NSWindow bug fix,

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: NSWindow bug fix,
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 14:49:58 +0200


please replace the following NSWindow method in the GNUstep source tree.

[aWindow makeFirstResponder:nil] should send resignFirstResponder to current responder.

- (BOOL) makeFirstResponder: (NSResponder*)aResponder
   if (_firstResponder == aResponder)
    return YES;

if (aResponder != nil && [aResponder isKindOfClass:responderClass] == NO)
    return NO; // <--
  if (aResponder != nil && [aResponder acceptsFirstResponder] == NO)
    return NO; // <--

  /* So that the implementation of -resignFirstResponder in
     _firstResponder might ask for what will be the new first
     responder by calling our method _futureFirstResponder */
  _futureFirstResponder = aResponder;

   * If there is a first responder tell it to resign.
   * Change only if it replies YES.
  if ((_firstResponder) && (![_firstResponder resignFirstResponder]))
    return NO;

  _firstResponder = aResponder;
  if (![_firstResponder becomeFirstResponder])
      _firstResponder = self;
      [_firstResponder becomeFirstResponder];
      return NO;

  return YES;



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