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Undefined symbol "__Unwind_Resume"

From: Oliver Langer
Subject: Undefined symbol "__Unwind_Resume"
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 23:59:23 +0200


i got stock on an linker problem and maybe someone can help me...:
On my OS X 10.4 box using gcc-4.0.1 my linker tells me
  "ld: Undefined symbols:

  - /usr/lib is in DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
- nm tells me that the function is defined in "/usr/lib/ libSystem.B.dylib"

I am using the following gcc-params: "-prebind -dynamiclib -lpthread - lstdc++" and i am compiling c++ sources.

Maybe someone could give me a hint regarding a missing parameter or the like?

Thanks in advance & best regards,

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