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The GNUstep code challenge.

From: Marko Riedel
Subject: The GNUstep code challenge.
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 22:32:53 +0200 (CEST)

Hi folks,

I'm hoping I can get some feedback on the following idea. The other day at
work I observed a colleague of mine install Ubuntu/GNOME on a new
workstation and it really broke my heart. I thought "there goes another
machine that should have GNUstep/GNULinux on it." Folks, GNUstep
definitely needs more visibility. That's why I'm suggesting we establish

    The GNUstep Code Challenge,

a biannual coding competition with problems that are set up to require the
study and use of Foundation/Appkit classes. We need a sponsor for this so
we can offer real prizes (say three prizes in the 250-500 Dollar range),
otherwise people won't be interested. I would be willing to volunteer as a
problem designer and evaluate submissions. There are many aspects of
GNUstep that I don't have a grasp on, but that's what teams and
collaboration are for.

What do you think? We'd announce it to the media and it would get us some
coverage that we really need, as well as motivate people to learn
Objective C and familiarize themselves with the OpenStep framework.

I eagerly await your comments and observations.

Best regards,

Marko Riedel

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