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Re: Nib compatibility branch merged to baseline.

From: Peter Cooper
Subject: Re: Nib compatibility branch merged to baseline.
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 18:13:22 +0200


Please check out the latest SVN and take a look. I also checked in the changes to Gorm and to gormtest, which now includes nibs as well as the normal gorm files to test out loading.

I've got to say, gormtest is visually impressive - it's amazing to see all those nibs come up in the interface. I don't think I ever expected this to be done.

It's one of the key changes to allow easy porting from OS X to other platforms, and therefore a key to ongoing use of GNUstep and therefore a positive step to ensure the inevitable victory of software libre ;-)

The changes to Gorm.app consist only of those necessary to make it compile with the changes. I am working on the necessary modifications to Gorm.app and to gui to allow for writing nibs as well. This is "phase 2" of this effort.

I was looking at the phase 2 changes required - it looks like only a little code will be required to open nibs, mainly in GormDocument.m (I think, mainly supporting nib bundles from the document open dialog and hooking into the nibcompatibility class for deserialisation, somewhat like the code for gorms, yes?). Would there be other extensive changes required to be able to read nibs and save them as gorms?

This is really really great!


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