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Re: Just another NSTabView bug

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Just another NSTabView bug
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 11:04:56 +0200

Hi Fred,

could you please explain, why you think you have to resize all item
views at once? I am sure that this code fixes your problem, but I would
think, it is sufficent to resize the current item view, the others will
get resized whenever they get selected. If this is true, then we need
only to make sure the current one gets resized and for this a different
default resize mask could do.
From what I can tell by looking at the code the tab view itself should
try to resize its subviews. What is it you are trying to put in as the
item view? Is this view resizable?
As you know Openstep has a very elegant way of handling resizing, it
would surprise me that the tab view would have to work around that, by
setting the frame of its items directly.

You are right! Thanks for the hint. I removed my NSTabView fix and checked the autoresizing mask of the views I am setting on the tab view items. I was not setting them manually so the default values got applied. On MacOSX these include NSViewWidthSizable and NSViewHeightSizable, on GNUstep the default value is 0. I am setting the autoresizingmask in my code now and everything works fine. So no bug, just another difference (default values) between MacOSX and GNUstep.



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