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Re: Objective-C standard

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Objective-C standard
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 00:15:04 +0200

Right now GNUstep based software can only be sold as part of a project that includes setting up an application server (installing GNUstep from sources). As soon as we see GNUstep based commercial (killer) applications (that can be used with any client device/os thanks to SGD), we have market acceptance for Objective-C/GNUstep.

IMHO, you won't see commercial killer apps because right now it's impossible to deploy fully embedded applications. Setting up daemons and/or GNUstep extra files needs user interaction or even can't be done without root rights. All this in a century where Mac OS X developers get flamed because they ask publicly how to use an Installer at all. Starting off right where your app plunks down after download is the current state of the art.

You need root privileges to install MacOSX on a Mac and you must have an admin account if you want to install software in /Applications. So it's ok if root privileges are required to install some magic software that converts a Solaris 10 standard installation into a fully featured GNUstep desktop. I of course would prefer if Sun did this (option during the os installation), but I doubt I can convince them to do so shortly [ :-) ], so we have to define a deployment platform for our apps on our own and provide whatever mechanism to set this up easily. It's the task that Apple is going through whenever they release a new os. They fork the darwin code do extensive tests, add the Cocoa, Aqua stuff, do some more tests and create a bootable installer for everything. Hard work indeed, but...



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