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Re: Fonts need for programming: courier.nfont

From: Daniel J Farrell
Subject: Re: Fonts need for programming: courier.nfont
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:01:25 +0100

Hello folks,

What a great community GNSstep has. Thanks very much folks!

I managed to find the converting utility to anybody that is interested it called mknfont and you can get it here (debian):

Just after I sent that e-mail I managed to criple my GNUstep installation by doing something with the synaptics package manager... so I'll rebuild and install some fonts tonight.



On 22 Jun 2006, at 19:03, Nikolaus Waxweiler wrote:

I've been looking all over the internet today for 'nfont' downloads but haven't found anything. I would like a monospaced font so that I can do some GNUstep programming (I'm using ProjectCenter and CodeEditor).

I think there was a script somewhere that would create a nfont package but I never used it. You can make these packages yourself however, here's the hard way (I assume you're using some Unixoid): 1. Create the directory ${GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT}/Library/Fonts/ Courier.nfont (or ${GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT}/Library/Fonts/Courier.nfont) 2. Take my FontInfo.plist and put it inside the new directory: http://www.multimania.com/madleser/FontInfo.plist 3. Edit the FontInfo.plist: Change the paths in the files array if need be (I use the Courier font shipped with Xorg) and maybe delete the RenderHacks lines if you want hinted fonts.

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