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wikipedia entries

From: Ingolf Jandt
Subject: wikipedia entries
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 00:47:22 +0200

Whilst -- according to frappr -- gnusteppers are found around the world there 
are wikipedia entries in only six languages. What about writing at least a 
short note on GNUstep?

As far as I can see there could be articles in 
русский язык 
(2 frappr members, russian aiming at the 100.000 articles mark), nederlands 
(being one of the biggest wikipediae), 
Български ... and surely 
many more.

Sure -- I will have to learn many more languages, but it will take years until 
I can endow every wikipedia with a fluent article on GNUstep.
   - Ingolf Jandt -
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