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From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: GMDS
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 00:50:54 -0400

Hello Enrico:

Now that you have more extractors, I decided to try GMDS and 
Mdextractor again. However, I am having problems. Auditd is working 
with these rules:

MagnumOpus:/var/log/audit # auditctl -l
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=open
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=creat
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=mkdir
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=rmdir
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=unlink
AUDIT_LIST: exit,always syscall=rename

and I have permission to read the audit file. Also both GMDS and 
Mdextrator are running as daemons. However, nothing is being indexed 
(I do have indexing enabled and the paths set in SystemPreferences).

Also, I still find auditd to be horribly slow. Have you consider using 
inotify directly now that it is in Linux kernel >= 2.6.13? In case you 
are not familiar with inotify, here is an article:


Also, have you had any luck in compiling my ImageMagick Inspector?



"We all know Linux is great...it does infinite loops in 5 seconds."
(Linus Torvalds about the superiority of Linux on the Amterdam
Linux Symposium)

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