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Re: Force Quit for GNUstep

From: hns
Subject: Re: Force Quit for GNUstep
Date: 8 Jul 2006 12:18:30 -0700
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Günther Noack schrieb:

> I just tested xkill, and it seems to work for GNUstep applications. I
> suppose it does exactly what you described. :-)

Beware of this note in the xkill man page:

This command does not provide any warranty that the application whose
connection to the X server is closed will abort nicely, or even abort
at all. All this command does is to close the connection to the X
server. Many existing applications do indeed abort when their
connection to the X server is closed, but some can choose to continue.

If a process hangs and does no longer poll for events, it can't be
killed this way.

I have essentially implemented in QuantumSTEP what Fred is describing.
Poll DO for responsiveness and to ask the process for its process id
(the real trick is to reverse this step, i.e. each application
registers its getpid() so that it is known when the application still
responds). And send a kill() to the process on user request.

-- hns

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