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Re: NSPopUpButton bug

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: Re: NSPopUpButton bug
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:23:33 +0800
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Marc Brünink wrote:
On 2006-07-26 13:58:41 +0200 Marc Brünink <address@hidden> wrote:
So If you do not have this problem: Do you ever have had it? Was this fixed
in cvs recently?

I fixed this bug some time ago in my codebase but when I came to check it in there were a number of changes which invalidated the merge.

I didn't have time to resolve the conflict so it remains uncontributed. The bug, though, was reported so you should be able to find it in the bugbase somewhere. Not that that helps that much.

From memory, the bug was primarily in the menu positioning algorithm and calculation in NSMenu.


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