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Re: Building étoilé on MacOSX

From: Yves de Champlain
Subject: Re: Building étoilé on MacOSX
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:41:28 -0400

Le 06-07-29 à 12:32, Yves de Champlain a écrit :

I'm not too familiar with GNUmakefiles

There is an "unespected behaviour" in ServiceBarKit with a "ifeq ($ (test), yes)" that results in an error in ServiceBarMenulet

Making all in ServicesBarKit...
Project: /Users/Shared/dports/build/ _Users_Shared_src_darwinports_dev_gnustep_etoile/work/etoile/Etoile/ Frameworks/ServicesBarKit
if [ "" = "yes" ]; then \
rm -f /Users/Shared/dports/build/ _Users_Shared_src_darwinports_dev_gnustep_etoile/work/etoile/Etoile/ Frameworks/ServicesBarKit/UnitKit; \ ln -s /Users/Shared/dports/build/ _Users_Shared_src_darwinports_dev_gnustep_etoile/work/etoile/Etoile/ Frameworks/ServicesBarKit/../UnitKit/Source/FrameworkSource \ /Users/Shared/dports/build/ _Users_Shared_src_darwinports_dev_gnustep_etoile/work/etoile/Etoile/ Frameworks/ServicesBarKit/UnitKit; \
Making all in ServicesBarMenulet...
Making all for bundle ServicesBarMenulet...
gcc-dp-4.1 -fgnu-runtime -bundle -lServicesBarKit - flat_namespace -undefined warning -o ./ServicesBarMenulet.menulet/./ ServicesBarMenulet ./shared_obj/ServicesBarMenulet.o -L.././ shared_obj -L/opt/local/GNUstep/Local/Library/Libraries/ -L/opt/ local/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/ -lSystemStubs -lgnustep-gui -lgnustep-base -lobjc -lm /opt/local/bin/odld: warning -L: directory name (.././shared_obj) does not exist
/opt/local/bin/odld: warning -prebind has no effect with -bundle
/opt/local/bin/odld: can't locate file for: -lServicesBarKit
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Don't you love peole who answer their own questions on a mailing list ?

it happens that the subproject Menulet depends on ServiceBarKit but is built before, so indeed no lib to link with.


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