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Re: Webkit for GNUstep

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: Re: Webkit for GNUstep
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 23:09:03 +0200

On 2006-08-03 22:05:56 +0200 Billy Tallis <address@hidden> wrote:
You need to write makefiles for everything. It is not an easy task. I
have been able to get most of JavaScriptCore to compile, but I don't
have access to a Mac with Xcode to figure out the rest. The
alternative would be to write a gnustep equivalent of pbtomake.

Check the *.bkl files as well to figure out what needs to be done.

Since most distributions have gcc 4.1 now, (and consequently can have
objc++) it would be good to start a new effort to port WebKit. My
preference would be to do this with as little modification to the
apple sources as possible, but that leaves us with needing to add some
CoreFoundation classes to gnustep-base. Most of those can be handled
using the @compatibility_alias directive.

With a clever use of GNUmakefiles you can compile the complete JavaScriptCore with just one change in wtf/Platform.h ... But yes, you DO need CoreFoundation (and ICU), to compile everything. Without CoreFoundation, you just get kjs, pcre and wtf, but you still need ICU.

Speaking of requirements, for a full installation, aside from GCC 4.x and GNUstep you will need ICU, SqLite3, FreeType, FontConfig, CURL, Cairo, XML2, XSLT and ICONV.

Most of these are also dependencies of GNUstep, so should be installed already.

With permission, we might want to use the current (dead) project on
Gna. I would be willing to upload my current set of makefiles.

It's actually still working, but there's a weird bug that will dump core whenever you try to enter text in a text field. Couldn't figure out why this is happening, because it's happening in a one (or two) liner method for one of the various bridges.


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