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Re: Apple's Obj-C future

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Apple's Obj-C future
Date: 8 Aug 2006 00:01:36 -0700
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To my understanding (and some rumour before WWDC) they will integrate a
real garbage collector:

Here my interpretation so far:

It will work behind the scenes by linking a different CoreFoundation
library version that effectively disables -retain -release -autorelease
by making them a NO-OP. And, there will be some hint to be coded into
+initialize for non-object pointers in instance variables (e.g. a char
* but this is much less common than an id). With that, the garbage
collector knows about all referenced objects and you don't have to care
about memory leaks and double-release any more.

By this, porting is very easy - you don't have to go through your code
and remove all the retain/release code. For new implementations, you
can simply forget about them.

-- hns

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