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Etoile on Solaris

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Etoile on Solaris
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 14:14:52 +0200

Hi Chris,

Has anybody gotten Etoile to work on Solaris? I just gave it a try but failed
(might be our rather old code tree). Is Etoile already usuable?

Etoile as a whole isn't usable yet, only a couple of things, like Chamaelon, EtoileWildMenus in Bundles, some of the frameworks, like RSSKit, the EtoileMenuServer.app, DictionaryReader.app and Grr.app (which uses RSSKit). As of right now, Etoile is more of a "Sammelsurium" (since you're German, you'll know what I mean) of frameworks, bundles and applications, than a whole environment.

However, I got all of the above working (without major problems) on Solaris.

Would you send us your modified source tree of Etoile that builds on Solaris? We just managed to get the stuff compiled by excluding a bunch of subprojects but I would be eager to know if you got better results (more subprojects to build).

Right now we are trying to figure out what we have to do after the "make install" to make use of Etoile. Do we need to set a defaults variable? Right now we use WindowMaker installed from blastwave. Is it a correct assumption that Etoile is meant to replace WindowMaker? How do we get this beast do run now under Solaris?

Thanks a lot!



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