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Re: Etoile on Solaris

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: Re: Etoile on Solaris
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:11:46 +0200

On 2006-08-24 14:14:52 +0200 Andreas Höschler <address@hidden> wrote:
> Would you send us your modified source tree of Etoile that builds on Solaris? 

I didn't modify anything, except for a couple of changes in GWorkspace's 
configure scripts, due to the fact that the required SQLite3 version wasn't 
available. The mentioned applications and frameworks compile(d) out-of-the-box.

> We just managed to get the stuff compiled by excluding a bunch of subprojects 
> but I would be eager to know if you got better results (more subprojects to 
> build).

I haven't tried building GNUstep or Etoile on Solaris for quite some time 
because the system's update manager completely screwed my system and I haven't 
found the time to reinstall it yet :-P

Last time I built GNUstep and Etoile was about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I didn't 
run into any major problems. I think the only one was with menulet dependencies 
not being build because a required library wasn't installed at this point in 
time. IIRC, this has since been fixed in SVN.

> Right now we are trying to figure out what we have to do after the "make 
> install" to make use of Etoile. Do we need to set a defaults variable? Right 
> now we use WindowMaker installed from blastwave. Is it a correct assumption 
> that Etoile is meant to replace WindowMaker? How do we get this beast do run 
> now under Solaris?

In /usr/dt/config/ (or /etc/dt/config/) you should find Xinitrc.CSWwmaker, 
Xsession.CSWwmaker and Xsession2.CSWwmaker (or similar)

In /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources.d/ (or /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources.d/) you 
should find Xresources.CSWwmaker (or similar).

You'll need to rename and edit those to be able to select (and subsequently 
start) Azalea from the login panel.

Additionally, you'll have to put sth like 'openapp EtoileMenuServer.app' in 
your $HOME/.xsession. On my box, GWorkspace was automatically launched as well.


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