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Re: Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 15:40:40 -0700

Many usable applications are scattering around
and most of them are one-man-projects.
Below is the list I have in mind.
To me, these applications are sufficient to be a nice desktop environment
after some polish.
I think it will be better to have everything in one place
and all developers can peek into each project from time to time.
And regarding to the vision of desktop environment,
let's have a regular one before an evolutionary one.

GWorkspace (http://www.gnustep.it/enrico/gworkspace/)
GNUMail (http://www.collaboration-world.com/gnumail)
Terminal (http://www.nongnu.org/backbone)
Azalea (http://www.etoile-project.org) - window manager
EtoileMenuServer (http://www.etoile-project.org) - menu bar
Camaelon (http://www.etoile-project.org) - theme engine
TalkSoup (http://talksoup.aeruder.net/) - IRC client
Grr (http://www.etoile-project.org) - RSS reader
Dictionary (http://www.etoile-project.org)
Preview (http://home.gna.org/gsimageapps/) - image viewer
Vindaloo (http://home.gna.org/gsimageapps/) - PDF viewer
Affiche (http://www.collaboration-world.com/affiche), a post-it application


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