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Re-install issues

From: Birch Browning
Subject: Re-install issues
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 06:46:11 -0700 (PDT)

Hi guys,

I had a working system, but I lost my mind and did clean reinstall as root using the compile-all script, just as I did the first time. Now I cannot start apps or tools as a regular user. Here's the error report:

2006-08-28 09:32:09.269 Ink[15236] Exception occured while loading model: unable to contact GDNC server -
please check that the gdnc process is running.
I attempted to start it at '/usr/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc'

2006-08-28 09:32:09.269 Ink[15236] Failed to load Gorm
2006-08-28 09:32:09.269 Ink[15236] Could not load Gorm file: /usr/GNUstep/Local/Applications/Ink.app/Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.gorm
2006-08-28 09:32:09.270 Ink[15236] Cannot load the main model file 'MainMenu'

This does not happen when starting an app as root or using sudo, so I think it is a permissions error connecting to gdnc. I did confirm that both gdnc and gdomap are running.

nobody   13819     1  0 08:55 ?        00:00:00 gdomap
root     13823     1  0 08:55 pts/0    00:00:00 /usr/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc --daemon
browning 15090     1  0 09:05 pts/0    00:00:00 /usr/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc --daemon

In fact, the second gdnc was started when I tried to start Ink, and yet it could not connect.

I'm open to all suggestions. I hoping it's a simple permissions error.

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