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Re: These NeXTbuntu guys

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: These NeXTbuntu guys
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 15:37:04 +0200

Hello Chris,

• If an app hangs Window Maker is dead. No chance to start Terminal.app to
kill the application. This is not acceptable.

Agreed, however, if any window manager hangs you're in deep shit anyway.

I assume the corresponding system on a Mac is multi threaded. If I try to start an app from the dock there and it hangs I have no problem to open the application list and kill it. I can't do that with Window Maker.

• As far as we know there is no nice GNUstep application yet to kill a bad
process (Terminal.app + kill ... is no option for enterprise users)

If you're running Etoile's MenuServer, check the Etoile Menu (the little flower). There's an entry 'Applications' that will let you select and kill any GNUstep-related application.

We run EtoileMenuServer.app. I just checked the flower -> Applications -> Application List, but selecting this menu item gives me nothing. I not even get an error message on the console!? As you might know we are on Solaris. :-)

• Although it is said that Copy & Paste (at least for text) works between X-apps and GNUstep apps. I cannot confirm that. My collegue is able to copy from Firefox to TextEdit.app, I am not (on the same machine). We have not yet
found out why. So I can't confirm that this works generally.

Do you (your account) run gdnc and gpbs upon login?

I have no idea where or by whom gdnc and gpbs are started. But after we login with Window maker we have both daemons running. I did "ps -Af | grep gpbs" and got

ahoesch 22470 1 0 15:25:35 ? 0:00 /opt/GNUstep/System/Tools/gpbs --daemon

After killing this daemon copy & paste between Firefox and TextEdit started to work. I did the ps again and got

ahoesch 22472 1 0 15:25:35 ? 0:00 /opt/GNUstep/System/Tools/gpbs -GSStartupNotification GSStartup-GPBS --daemon

gpbs was restarted with an additional option and obviousl ythis option is important for Copy & Paste to work. Weird! But I am glad it works now. One step further to a working GNUstep based desktop. Thanks!

        How much work would it be to write a GNUstep wrapper for Firefox

A wrapper around Gecko? You do not want to even think about it.
But there's Flock and Camino.

Though both are a no-go if you want to have your system clean of GTK.
I rather break my teeth by porting WebKit...

so I think one could live with this one alien (next to Star Office) for a while if at least copy & paste between Firefox, Star Office and GNUstep apps really worked (please let me know what I could try to get this working on my

Drag'n'Drop of text does work (just tried with Firefox and TextEdit)

This does not work for me, but I can live with that now that copy & paste works. I don't like the concept of dragging text anyway.



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