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Re: really attracting developers

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: really attracting developers
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:32:06 +0800

On 8/30/06, Rogelio Serrano <address@hidden> wrote:
On 8/30/06, Jason Clouse <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 2006-08-29 17:07:47 -0400 Michael Hanni <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Just throwing an idea out here: would it be possible to bind directly
> > to KHTML
> > and skip the WebKit framework nightmare? [1]
> Somebody did this a few years ago, I think.  But it seems a shame not
> to ride on Apple's coattails with WebKit.  After all, they have the
> manpower for QA and development, and plenty of web developers check
> that their stuff works in Safari.
> I was working on a CoreFoundation implementation, but I hear that
> WebKit is totally abandoning Cocoa, so I'm not sure it makes a
> difference now. :-(
> I think Gecko and libwww are poor choices, personally.

poor choices but the only available ones. and they can be improved.

Maybe we should try doing both. Like what i was told in an extreme
programming seminar, go ahead and fail.

i would like to try libwww again. but then the complexity of it all
makes me look for a simpler alternative not just to the browser but
the whole www.

i was wondering too if the web interface and the desktop interface was
merged by design. two birds with one stone.

things i hate about my linux pc:

1. it takes more than a second to boot up
2. keeps asking about filenames and directories
3. does not remember what i was working on yesterday
4. does not remember all the changes i have ever made
5.cannot figure out necessary settings by itself

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