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Re: Thoughts triggered by these NeXTbuntu guys

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: Thoughts triggered by these NeXTbuntu guys
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:28:37 +0800

On 8/30/06, Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

What we need is a comprehensive test framework that will give a basis for 
comparison.   We already have some tests, but they could be greatly expanded.

Another issue to consider is that it's difficult to test gui elements in this 
way, so those must be tested by hand or using an automated gui testing tool 
such as Xrunner, or something similar.

yes i understand that but we have to start somewhere and im prone to
overengineering and featuritis. i also get brain freeze when i start
to brainstorm a major spec. so i think i will leave that to someone
with more experience designing tests. im willing to take guidance and
criticism from experienced engineers.

automated testing is critical. so anything is better than nothing.

things i hate about my linux pc:

1. it takes more than a second to boot up
2. keeps asking about filenames and directories
3. does not remember what i was working on yesterday
4. does not remember all the changes i have ever made
5.cannot figure out necessary settings by itself

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