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Re: These NeXTbuntu guys (fwd)

From: Chris Vetter
Subject: Re: These NeXTbuntu guys (fwd)
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 11:47:34 +0200

On 2006-08-29 15:06:00 +0200 Marc Brünink <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Agreed, however, if any window manager hangs you're in deep shit anyway.
> I do not know if you get it right. It's not that Window Maker hangs but any 
> other application. WindowMaker is just not able to focus another window if 
> the current application hangs.

I haven't run Window Maker in a long time, but I'm sure I never seen that 
Does that mean you can't even focus, say, an xterm?

> Does not work here.

The Applications menu should give you a little pop-up that lists all currently 
running applications. I'm not sure, but I think if it doesn't, gdomap isn't 

> Does the "Log out" MenuItem work for you? We get a "Not 
> Implemented". Perhaps we've different MenuServer version? Or its just another 
> Solaris thing.

The 'Log Out' isn't implemented. If I remember correctly that's because Saso 
was still looking for a reliable way of termination other still running 
applications, before implementing it.


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