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Re: really attracting developers

From: Nikolaus Waxweiler
Subject: Re: really attracting developers
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 11:26:55 +0200
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On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 21:01:32 +0200, MJ Ray <address@hidden> wrote:

Mediawiki's markup is more similar to UseMod but sill different in confusing ways.
So..? Wikipedia uses Mediawiki and I guess that makes it the more prominent wiki. From that point of view, UseMod or whatever else is different in confusing ways. Besides, there are even icons above the editing text field to help you format your text. I don't get why you so against this.

I proposed integrating into one maintainable site instead of applications
webmasters either can't modify (appdb) or are WCAG-hostile (mediawiki)
while keeping the best aspects of the one that works (the in-sync API
documentation).  One of the reasons to keep the site as it was at last
major review (the mirrors) have died off anyway, as far as I know.
I don't see how Mediawiki would be WCAG-hostile, given that Wikipedia uses it. If you're referring to the captcha/logic puzzle test, this is just a minor hurdle.

By the way, the automatically generated API documentation will not be moved to the wiki or deprecated. The one in the wiki will be used for code snippets and other things and will link to the generated one, incorporating the best of both worlds :)

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