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Re: really attracting developers

From: joekewoud_
Subject: Re: really attracting developers
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 21:04:50 +0200

Do you mean the Itunes/quicktime development kits, or do you mean rhapsody? Quicktime and Itunes are based on carbon, not on cocoa (the renamed openstep api) And if I am well informed the rhapsody license is expired. Nice if you want make apps for your own, but not so handy if you want to release something. You could not because you would use the framework, and so would also need a license to use and distribute it. I hope I am wrong with this, and if you have more suggestions, they would be very welcome.


On Sep 3, 2006, at 5:11 PM, Pete French wrote:

I want to use this great nextstep framework and the beauty of
objective-c to work on *windows*

Out of interest, did you ever try using Apple's developent kit for Windows ? I know they discontinued it, but there are still copies floating around, and it rather nice - also gives you an idea of how close a *Step app can
come to fitting in with Windows without a re-write.


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