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Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep

From: Tenzin
Subject: Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep
Date: 2 Sep 2006 18:12:43 -0700
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> Furthermore, and this is important, it should come
> with a couple of ready color schemes (unlike someone else...)
> Colors are half of the issue I believe and telling people to fiddle with
> nsdefaults is unacceptable.

I think the format of GNUstep system preferences colour panel, and that
of Backbone, should be kept in sync so that the schemes work in both
and in WMPrefs.

I already have a few ready made schemes setup in Backbone's colour
panel, as shown in the screenshot referred to in message 6 of the
earlier part of this thread on Mon, Aug 28 2006 8:13 pm and here

I can make these available to be distributed with GNUstep's, Backbone's
and anyone else's Preferences or Defaults apps.


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