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Re: scrollbars [was: Re: really attracting developers]

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: Re: scrollbars [was: Re: really attracting developers]
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 00:40:01 -0400

On 2006-09-04 23:42:41 -0400 phil taylor <address@hidden> 

> "Please read the reasoning in this page before commenting further:" -
> what a doozy of a comment. Everyone these days is a member of the
> gestapo.

> Why is it that people who frequent discussion forums/mailing lists are
> so anxious to stop people having dicussions? I thought that was the
> whole point!

I am not stopping you from discussing things. I just want you to know 
the reasoning behind some of the GUI style decisions, so you can talk 
from a place of knowledge. After all, you are the one who said this in 
one of your posts:

        > The menus of multiple applications all look the same - only the 
        > bar of the base menu distinguishes them, so with lots of apps open 
        > gets harder and harder to locate which menu goes with which app.

Wow, this just shows me that you haven't even tried the NeXT style GUI 
before commenting on it.

For you info, I find configurable menu styles and themes to be a very 
sensible thing to have.

> Perhaps you should go away and read every journal, newspaper article,
> book, web page, pdf ever written in the history of mankind before
> commenting further also.

No, at least have some basic knowledge and exprience of what you are 
talking about (in this case, NeXT style GUI's).

> If i wanted to locate the information I seek in a document, i would 
> not
> be posting on a mailing list - or is that a concept to sophisticated 
> for
> you to grasp?

No, but without some knowledge of what you are talking about- it is 
just hot air.

> Gee - Im glad i live in a democracy and not under some oppresive 
> regime
> where you have no freedom of speech - lol.

This doesn't even dignify an answer.


If you don't see why, please stay the fuck away from my code.
         Rusty, in linux-2.6.6/Documentation/DocBook/kernel-locking.tmpl

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