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Re: scrollbars [was: Re: really attracting developers]

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: scrollbars [was: Re: really attracting developers]
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 13:11:49 +0800

On 9/7/06, phil taylor <address@hidden> wrote:

> really? it momentum thats sustaining it. and people who is unwilling to
> find something new.

I think you will find that the average user, who is not a hacker or an
IT developer, will not find it acceptable to have to search for an

i dont make that distinction among users. users like easy interfaces.
easier the better.

application once you have installed it. Indeed it is NOT acceptable in
any sense of the word. And developers of Linux should hand their head in
shame that they have made such an almighty bodge up of installing
software.  Probably the arrogance of software developers is what
prevents them admitting this and doing something to change it.

i would rather not have package management. i don't want to see
applications at all. maybe have some kind of table with radio buttons
for default application choices would be nice but the apps need to
follow some kind of standard.

If i had been even in part responsible for the design of the Unix
directory structure and the system that is laughably referred "oackage
management (i think package mis-management is nearer the mark) i would
conceal the fact from everyone and go hide somewhere. THis aspect of
Linux/Unix is appaling and anyone who says different is deluded or
seriously lacking in IQ.

i don't like folders and directories. its ok for the system but tough
on the users. flat filesystems are not a solution either. i have a
solution but im not talking about it.

an application menu still is not good enough for me but nextstep has a
very nice and elegant solution to that. beats the windows start
button. or the vista sidebar. i think first time users will like it.

> there is a significant number of people forced to use windows who needs
> better solutions and IT people including are ignoring them.

Agreed. Windows sucks in a lot of areas. Also its made by Microsoft.

But then Linux aint so great in a lot of areas either.

i was not making that kind of comparison. there is some sort of anti
ordinary user culture in the whole IT industry. its the RTFM culture.
you cant figure this out? READ THE FUCKING MANUAL!!! yeah good luck
with that.

if my grandmother cant figure it out by herself without reading a
manual then im going back to the drawing board. if people would rather
have pen paper then something is wrong.

the thing i like with my linux pc is that i can sum up my complaints in 5 items

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