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attempted install on Debian system

From: Ric Otte
Subject: attempted install on Debian system
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 19:31:03 -0700
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I am completely new to GNUstep and
followed the directions on downloading gnustep for a debian unstable system at 
http://www.gnustep.org/resources/sources.html .
According to that, I should simply do:

   apt-get install gnustep gnustep-devel gnustep-games

The problem is that after doing so I am not able to start projectmanager or
gorm.  When I attempt to start either, I get the error message 

  NSInvalidArgumentException: NSTask - Launch path 
(/usr/lib/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc) not valid

I looked, and I don't have a file /usr/lib/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc.  

Any suggestions on what I might do?  Thanks,


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