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Re: Update Display Problem

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Update Display Problem
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 16:03:30 +0200

Hi Richard,

Is the problem with both the art and xlib backends?
Is it with both GSX11HandlesWindowDecorations user default set to 1 and 0 ?
Is it with both XWindowBufferUseXShm user default set to 1 and 0?

Checking those variations could localise the problem.


        defaults write NSGlobalDomain XWindowBufferUseXShm 0

indeed solved this problem. Live is great!!!

Well that might means the problem is due to a bug I presumably either introduced or exposed when fixing various problems with coordinate conversion recently (see bug #17717). Though possibly it's a sharted memory probem entirely separate to that.

The problem with fixing #17717 is that I'm utterly unable to reproduce the problem on my system ... so if someone out there can reliably reproduce it, I would be very grateful if they could at least pin down the exact svn revision it started occurring at ... that would narrow down the search a bit.

No, this display update problem is pretty old. We have it on our list since we started using Sun Rays (at least a year ago).



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