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Re: Re: porting cocoafibs, trouble with nibs

From: Paddy Smith
Subject: Re: Re: porting cocoafibs, trouble with nibs
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 00:03:36 +0100

On 9/16/06, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:
Nice thing that you are doing here. Your main problem seems to be that
GNUstep currently does not support NSController and its subclasses (in
your case NSUserDefaultsController). With that missing your NIB file
will never work, which ever way you convert it.
I see two ways to proceed: Either you manage to remove the need for that
class from the original NIB file or we need to add that class somewhere.
I have some basic implementation for some of the controller classes
lying around here, but I never committed them to GNUstep as not to bloat
our code with unused classes.

okay, so it sounds like I need to get a handle on

1) how far gnustep is away from having NSController support that would
solve this problem for this case.


2) how much work we would need to do to rip the NSController stuff
out, and replace it.

For preference I would rather work on the NSController stuff, which
should be of use to others, rather than on the hand-coding replacement

any chance of getting my hands on your code ? ;-)


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