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Re: NSRunAlertPanel (some additions)

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSRunAlertPanel (some additions)
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 18:59:31 +0200
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Hi Marc,

a stripped down example for your problem really would help. From all we
know alerts work in GNUstep. OK, there are some limitations to the
implementation of NSAlert, but most likely you are not using this.

The correct way to stop your alert is either stopModalWithCode:, which
is only to be used from within the alert run loop, that is from one of
the buttons. Or abortModal which should be used from everywhere else.

The return code you are getting are rather strange. NSRunAbortedResponse
 has been defined as -1001, and this for quite some time now. For me
this looks like your alert gets stopped by something completely
different. Which would make it senseless to try to implement anything
myself to reproduce your problem.
Go back to your code, look for another stopModalWithCode: call and if
you don't find any try to reduce your code to something minimal and send
this to the list or to me personally.


Marc Brünink schrieb:
> Just 2 additions:
> 1. It's more than 10 seconds:
>    2006-09-17 15:23:12.895 EasyDispatcher[20656] alert should be closed!
>    2006-09-17 15:23:53.695 EasyDispatcher[20656] ret: -2
> 2. Even if I call stopModalWithCode with -10 as argument I get -2 as
> return value of NSRunAlertPanel
> Marc Brünink wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've an running Alert Panel. Now I get a notification and want to
>> close this panel. I tried abortModal and stopModalWithCode. Both of
>> them worked, but I'm experiencing a significant delay between my call
>> of abortModal and the alert panel actually being closed (about 10-15
>> sec.)
>> What's wrong?

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