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Re: gui icons

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: gui icons
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 22:40:41 -0500

Are there any alternate GNUstep icons packages available (replacing
the common_* from gnustep-gui)

well there's these

I jump into the discussion to ask if anyone know the state of the new icon campaign (http://gnustep.org/newiconcampaign/index.html) ?

The page said that more than 400$ have been collected, so we should have the first batch of icons, no ?

I don't know the complete situation, but Quentin told me that Jasper was kind of out of the picture at this point. As most people know, I've been working on a lot of icons for GNUstep-related apps, and had also done some preliminary work on system icons. It is my plan to take Jasper's latest, rebuild them for 256x256 (so we can have high quality versions), and start working on filling in the gaps. There are a lot of icons left to design, but my goal is to have a complete system replacement set by next FOSDEM.

If you want to get an idea for stylistically how my icons look, feel free to check out the app icons I've built so far:



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