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Re: NSBrowser doesn't show titles?

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSBrowser doesn't show titles?
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 15:17:49 +0100
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Nikolaus Waxweiler wrote:
> Hello all,
> before I file this as a bug when it's really a mistake on my side, could
> someone please test this?
> 1. wget
> http://www.multimania.com/madleser/coding/nsbrowser-title-bug.tar.bz2 &&
> tar -xjvf nsbrowser-title-bug.tar.bz2 && cd Browser-Test && gmake &&
> Squec.app/Squec
> 2. Do the titles above each column show up ("Groups", "Classes", ...)?
> In Gorm they do, but not when this test app is started as an
> application. See http://www.multimania.com/madleser/nsbrowser-title-bug.jpg
> Using FreeBSD 6.2, gcc 4.1.3 20070430 (prerelease), Gorm 1.2.0,
> gnustep-base 1.14.0, -gui/-back (art) 0.12.0, -make 2.0.0.

This should now be fixed in the SVN version of gui. The problem was that
the cell used to display the title was not created for a browser loaded
from a Gorm file. It worked for explicit created browsers and those
loaded from key encoded formats.


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