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GNUstep/Etoile progress

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: GNUstep/Etoile progress
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 10:25:12 +0100

Hi all,

I have a bunch of guys (employees of a customer) that refuse to work with the GNUstep version of our enterprise application and instead would like to keep their Mac because of the following reasons:

• Selecting multiple rows in a tableview just by dragging down works in GNUstep. However, as soon as the mouse reaches the bottom of the tableview, the tableview should scroll down and continue selecting rows until the user releases the mouse button. At least that is what the Mac does and what users expect. This does not work in GNUstep (at least not in my version which is already a couple of months old). Has this been worked on recently?

• We use drawers for a bunch of things. In our version of GNUstep, they are simply not available/usable, so the GNUstep version of our app lacks some functionality. We have tried to avoid drawers as much as possible but there some things that can only be realized reasonably in a drawer, e.g. privileges of a database object or the outline of a document,.... Is anybody successfully using drawers in a GNUstep application (Etoile)? Any screenshots of the latest code (GNUstep/Etoile)? I would look into that by myself but since this also requires artwork (goes beyond my set of skills)... Here is a screenshot of how a drawer looks on MacOSX.

TIFF image

The round edges are probably not that easy to implement but they really make this look neat.

• There's already a Busy.app to emulate the hour glass of MacOSX for a not responding application. Unfortunately I have never been able to get this to work on Solaris. I will install and retry that with a more recent version of Solaris but if anybody has this already running I would be glad to hear how and on what version of Solaris. :-)

Thanks to all for the great work on GNUstep/Etoile!

Best regards,


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